5 Inexpensive Ways to Makeover Your Bedroom


I LOVE decorating rooms – especially my bedroom.  Unfortunately, my ever change mind and style makes it rather expensive to completely redo my whole bedroom every season. Therefore, I’ve come up with 5 inexpensive ways to make your bedroom look totally revamped without breaking the bank.

#1 Fairy Lights 

I love the soft glow that fairy lights can add to a bedroom; they seem to make it seem so cozy and tumblr ready.  The best part about these lights is their rather inexpensive! Here are some sites they have great fairy light as well as some DIY suggestions 🙂

Crate & Barrel

Amazon – Bulb Lights

Amazon String Lights

Amazon Color Changing Lights

DIY Ideas

#2 Wall Art / Tapestries 

When I was living on campus in college, EVERYONE had a tapestry hanging in their room.  They’re honestly a great piece to have because they’re big and define the type of tone/style you want your room to have.  The best part is they come in so many different colors and styles to match any decor.  If you are not a fan of tapestries, I definitely recommend other types of wall art.  I love having motivational quotes in my room and feel they add a happy vibe! I found my signs at TJ Maxx for rather inexpensive – so definitely check places like that out as well as Etsy!

Black and White Tapestry – Amazon

Elephant Tapestry – Amazon

Etsy – She Believed She Could

Etsy Storm Quote

#3. A Large Throw Blanket

Comforters can get rather expensive, therefore, I feel having a big throw blanket is a great alternative and inexpensive way to switch things up.  Aside from this, it gives your room a really cozy vibe! And as I said earlier, TJ Maxx is a GREAT place to find these items at.



#4. Polaroids

Ever since I was little I loved Polaroid pictures.  I thought the antique look of them was so artsy.  Hanging Polaroids or any type of developed picture really, is a cute way to make your room more personable to you! You could also hang your pictures within your fairy lights! Check out these photos below:

Image result for polaroid picture room decor

Image result for polaroid picture room decor

#5. DIY Desk Pieces

Touching up your desk with cute pieces can really affect what your room looks like!  I think a super cute idea is spray painting Mason Jars and using the jars to hold pens, or makeup brushes.  The best part with DIY projects is you have artistic freedom and are in complete control of your own budget.  Another DIY is spray painting a basket to hold things such as perfume or body lotions. There’s thousands of DIY ideas out there and don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it! These are just the two I have done and have loved the outcome of!

Image result for diy basket spray paint

Image result for diy room ideas

Hopefully you guys like these ideas and found the links and images provided helpful! Just remember when it comes to decorating, a little definitely goes a long way ~



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