Getting Back to Me, Myself & I

The hustle and bustle of our lives can easily be defined by one little word: hectic. It gets stressful having to worry about work, bills, family, and personal relationships. Therefore, I feel during times of stress, we often overlook ourselves and our own well-being.  It might seem selfish to give yourself “me time,” but I think it’s necessary for mental sanity. Therefore, I thought I would share with you all my personal favorite activities to do when I’m having a “me day.”

1. Netflix!!!

I love using personal days to catch up on a show I’ve been dying to watch. My personal favorites as of late have been: Call the Midwife, Riverdale, Family Guy, and Friends. I feel sitting down and letting your mind become engaged in an alternative reality is so peaceful.  You truly can escape from your own life for a little while.

2. At home spa night

Going to an actual spa can very easily break the bank.  Therefore, I create my own at home spa.  All you need is some fresh smelling candles, bath oils (they can be found for cheap at Walmart and Target), a face mask (I have been loving the face masks from Lush), and some spa music (thank you Spotify) and voila! I feel pampering yourself in this way is so relaxing and definitely makes me feel more confident having clear and soft skin 🙂

3.) At home mani/pedi

Now, I’m not trying to tell you to completely avoid salons.  I very often will get my nails done professionally, but I feel doing all these activities at home make me more apt to do them. It’s hard to go to a salon at 8:30 p.m.  Stores like Sally’s and Ulta have nail files that are perfect for an at home manicure as well as all the other essentials necessary.  My favorite manicure accessory is cuticle oil – I’ve only been using it for a couple of months but it has dramatically improved the appearance of the skin around my nails which I have a bad habit of biting. The best thing about a mani/pedi at home is you can take your time with it and do whatever you want!

4. Online Shopping

Okay, this one might seem a little hypocritical because I was just preaching about saving money by not going to a salon.  I like to look at it this way: the more money you save the more you can spend on other things 😉 Whenever I’m having a day to really focus on myself, I will go online and see if I can treat myself to something small.  I try not to make this a habit though otherwise I’d probably be having me days every night lol.

5. Turn off your phone

It’s really hard to have time to yourself when your boss is sending you emails or your phone is blowing up with social media notifications.  Sometimes it’s okay to turn your phone off and just enjoy being detached from the world. Trust me, at first this idea kind of freaked me out.  My phone is something I cannot live without, but sometimes an hour away or more away from it really calms me down.  We don’t realize that although phones are a great invention, they’re also a big cause of anxiety and stress.

Now lovely readers, you don’t have to listen to any of these ideas.  These are just the activities I find solace in after having a rough day. The most important thing to take away from this article is this: is it okay to want to have a day to yourself.  It is not selfish! At the end of the day all you truly have is yourself to count on and care 100% for. Therefore, treat yourself! Trust me, you all deserve it 🙂



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