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We are getting into crunch time – only 6 more days until Halloween!  Therefore, I thought I would put together a list of 6 MUST SEE movies before Halloween!  (These are listed randomly, not by rank 🙂 )

#1. IT (2017) it

If you have not yet seen the 2017 version of It, highly suggest this movie!  It is also still currently playing in theaters!  I have not read the book by Stephen King, however the movie definitely made me want to!  In short, the plot is about a killer clown who comes back to the town in the movie every 27 years, killing children. CREEPY, RIGHT?! He appears to these children as their biggest fear, feeding off their fear.  I found this movie to be the creepiest movie I have seen in awhile, and although it lacked jumped scares, it definitely will keep you on your toes!

#2. Hocus Pocus (1993)

Image result

Now, I am sure most, if not all, of you have seen Hocus Pocus at least once.  I know I basically grew up watching it because it was always playing on Disney Channel when I was younger.  Nonetheless, I still have some friends who have never seen this classic Halloween movie!!!! It’s a perfect family movie (although it does mention the concept of virginity-just keep that in mind 🙂 ). The plot of this movie revolves around the Sanderson Sisters, who were witches 300 years ago.  After the male protagonist lights a candle in their home, the sisters arise from Hell to suck the lives out of children to remain alive and beautiful.  Geez, what is it about Halloween movies killing children?  Any who, I promise this movie is more comedic than scary, and there even is a musical number in it that will definitely get stuck in your head!

#3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)Image result

1993 was definitely a great year for Halloween movies!  Aside from Hocus Pocus coming out this year, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas also did!  Due to it being animated, I feel this another great family film!  The soundtrack and special affects are amazing!  In this movie, Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, is unhappy with his life in Halloweentown.  One day, while on a walk with his adorable ghost dog, Zero, Jack discovers a door that leads him to Christmasland.  In love with the concept of Christmas, Jack makes it his goal to kidnap Santa and take his spot on Christmas Eve!

#4. Psycho (1960) or Bates Motel (2013-2017)Image resultImage result

I merged these two together because I feel the show Bates Motel, was a great complement to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 Psycho.  Now I know some of you believe that Hollywood should never touch the classics.  To an extent, I agree with this thought.  Yet, Bates Motel really shows the progression of Norman’s mental illness as well as his relationship with his mother, Norma.  Being said, I still feel there is something about the original Psycho that can never be replicated. The plot of this movie is about a woman who steals money from her employer to help her lover get out of debt so that they can start a life together.  While on the run, there is horrible rain storm and she is forced to stay at a motel run by Norman Bates. Soon she enters into a world where Norman has a limited grip on reality and the need to kill. . .  The show, Bates Motel, is the predecessor to Psycho. The movie was truly ahead of its time with an insane story-line filled with both horror and creepiness; the two ingredients that make any scary movie! Definitely a must see!

#5 Carrie (1976 or 2013)

Image resultImage result

If you hadn’t guessed, I am a total Stephen King buff.  Carrie is probably one of the creepiest movies I have seen due to her telekinesis and her mother’s behavior.  The story centers on Carrie White, the schools outcast.  Her home life revolves around a mother who has taken her belief in God to an extreme, which makes her almost daily punishing her daughter for being a  woman.  One day, Carrie gets very upset with her mother and discovers she has telekinesis – the ability to move things with your mind. In my personal opinion, the original 1976 Carrie had a stronger cast.  Sissy Spacek brought the right amount of oddity and innocence to Carrie. In addition, her mother, played by Piper Laurie, was absolutely chilling.  The 2013 rendition of this movie is definitely more special effects heavy, but sticks very closely to the original story line.  Therefore, I believe either version will definitely freak you out!

#6 Halloween (1978)

Image result

I, of course, could not leave off the most well-known Halloween slasher film from this list!! Halloween was another movie ahead of its time, and being from 1978, I feel the special effects are still really well done!  The theme music to this movie will be stuck in your head for days, as you find yourself more apt of surrounds, making sure Michael Myers is not nearby.  The movie takes place on Halloween night, when Laurie, played by scream-queen Jamie Lee Curtis, is babysitting a boy in town.  Soon she is being stalked by an escaped mental patient, Michael Meyers.  Will she escape, and why does Michael want to kill her so badly. . . ?  Over the years there has been countless additions to this classic.  However, the original movie was set up to be a trilogy.  Therefore, I don’t suggest straying too far from the trilogy because the story line gets crazy and cheesy quickly!

I hope you all enjoyed these suggestions!! If you have any movies you love during Halloween, don’t be afraid to let me know!




    1. Yes!!! I was going to include Halloweentown but I couldn’t decide on which one was my favorite and felt putting all four movies on the list would be overwhelming lol! Aggie was the greatest witch ever!

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