Hi Ghouls and Goblins!

THERE IS ONLY 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL HALLOWEEN!!! Being said, I feel I have so much more to do before then!  I need to have my honorary scary movie marathon (see my previous blog for suggestions!), pig out on Halloween candy, and BAKE!!!  Thankfully, I got the baking out of the way today 😉 that leads me to this blog post!!

If anyone ever needs pastries for a party, I’m your girl!  I just feel there’s something about baking your own goodies that is not only yummy to try afterwards, but so much fun!  Therefore, I wanted to show you all some of the cupcakes I made today as part of my 13 days of Halloween countdown!

I typically like to look up recipes to make cupcakes from scratch, but today I was under a time crunch!  Therefore, I just resorted to making Pillsbury confetti cake for mix!  I also then used white frosting because I used food coloring and wanted a pure base! Now, I apologize in advance for the mediocre frosting job!  I came home from the store only to discover that I didn’t have the proper materials to ice the cupcakes.  So, I just opted for using a spoon!


These cupcakes were quick & easy to make! So, if you’re going to any Halloween parties this weekend and struggling for a treat to bring, I definitely suggest these!  Another great feature is that these are completely up to you to personalize! You can find candies to add onto them like I did, or get creative with the frosting colors.  It was really simple to swirl two colors together to give a marble frosting look.  If you’re struggling to get the color you want, most food dye boxes have suggestions on how to achieve colors such as purple, orange, rose, etc! Black can be achieved by mixing all the different colors together! Adding candies gives the cupcakes a very professional and fun look! Another suggestion (time permitting) is coloring the actual mix with the food coloring.  For example, purple cakes and green frosting can make Frankenstein cupcakes, and red cupcakes with black and white marble frosting can be Dracula.

Hope you all have a safe and scary filled weekend!!




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