How to SURVIVE Black Friday Shopping

Hi Everyone!!!

The holiday season is basically in full swing! I’ve been finding it rather difficult to not blast the Christmas music with Hallmark Christmas movies on in the background (I’ll admit I’ve already done this twice). Yet, I feel many people are overlooking one very crucial holiday – THANKSGIVING. It is a very important holiday that serves as a reminder to be thankful for our lives, our loved ones, and so much more. So, during Thanksgiving, if you celebrate, please take the time to genuinely thank someone special in your life 🙂

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Oh, and of course be thankful for all the FOOD! I mean who doesn’t love a holiday that involves all your loved ones anda delicious feast.

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Yet, please during this time also remember those who may not be able to have Thanksgiving feasts or be with their family.  Please participate in local food drives or donate time if you can! 🙂

With all that being said, welcome to the focus of this blog!  Took me awhile, but we got here. Phew! A tradition that the women in my family participate in is black Friday shopping! Now, we don’t go to get the biggest TV, or newest electronic. We simply go to put ourselves into the Christmas spirit. Personally, I do not participate until it’s officially Friday.  These past years, retailers have become too consumed with $$$ that they’re overlooking the holiday with some stores opening as early as 5 pm Thanksgiving Day!! Being said, if you are going shopping either Thanksgiving Thursday or for Black Friday, this post is for you!

Those of you going for the BIGGEST sale keep in mind: it will be insanely crowded.

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Tip #1.) When you go shopping, shop early and try to avoid peak hours

Since my family doesn’t go for deals, we usually head out around 4 am.  The late night shoppers are usually turning in for the night and won’t start back up until around 6 am.  This gives us time to get to the store, and look around before the next wave starts back up.

Tip #2.) Make a list of stores you want to go to and what you’re looking for

Since I go out with a group of 5, it’s sometimes hard to please everyone.  Therefore, we each try and pick one store we absolutely must go to! Also, having an idea of what you want definitely helps save not only time, but I find myself less overwhelmed. Plus, when you have a list, you tend to spend less money.

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Tip #3.) Bring a big purse

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love purses.  But big purses? Ehh. They’re just so bulky! However, when I go Black Friday shopping, I like having a big purse for a few reasons:

  1. I can put snacks, medicine, and water bottles in my purse
  2. If I go to the mall, I can put some of my bags in my purse and not have to carry so much
  3. I live in an area where the weather is NEVER predictable.  Therefore, a large bag can accommodate an umbrella, or gloves and a hat.

Tip #4.) Refuel is essential

It is really easy to get caught up in the hype of shopping and overlook taking a lunch break.  However, it is so important to eat! For one, if you’re up shopping at 3 am your body is already like what the heck are you doing to me and probably craving food, lol! Aside from this, no one likes that hangry shopper. This leads me to my next point.

Tip #5.) Be tough out there! 

Now, I am not saying that every shopper is going to be mean and nasty.  However, it is possible.  Try not to take it personally as some people have been up for well over 24 hours.  Others are simply stressed! So, if someone is rude to you, just smile and put on a brave face 🙂

Tip #6) HAVE FUN & STAY SAFE!!!!

Black Friday shopping is a way to get into the Christmas/Holiday spirit! Therefore, make it a fun experience! No one is forcing you to go shopping, in fact very few people I know participate in Black Friday. But if you do go out, have a safe and fun time! Black Friday only comes once a year, and also don’t forget about Small Business Saturday! Some places can really have amazing deals!!

Until next time folks,

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