Life & Overcoming Obstacles in It

Hey Everyone,

I am really hoping that this blog post can end up being an open discussion with you all! Today I wanted to talk about life. I know that sounds really broad, but I want to keep all angles open for discussion!  In all honesty, life sucks sometimes.  In fact, it might seem like life sucks more than it’s great.  I know I feel this way sometimes, but lately, I’ve been really trying to not let life or my thoughts get me down.  Sometimes, I am insecure and other days, I feel on top of the world. It’s difficult to feel a range of emotions within one day.  The unbalance of it, makes me feel often that I’m losing control.  Not to mention that it’s really frustrating to feel amazing one day, and not want to leave your bed the next.  It’s okay to have sad days sometimes, but they can’t win every time.

Therefore, here’s what I do whenever I’m feeling down.

1. Find the Source

This might sound crazy, but just hear me out.  If I wake up upset or get sad throughout the day, I try to think what caused me to be sad.  Is it something someone said, is it something I am just overthinking?  It takes sometimes to find the source, but it helps me to do this so I can try and understand why I am in a bad mood.  If I don’t know why I’m sad, how can I fix it?

2. Be Proactive

Once you find your source of sadness, anger, or whatever you’re feeling try and rectify it.  There are so many days where I feel sluggish and bloated from not working out.  On these days, I try to drink a lot of water and get in a workout.  Personally, I feel like running is a great workout! Whenever I’m running, I let my thoughts drive my run.  After I’m done, I’m proud of how far I’ve gone and no longer feel so bad.  On days where I don’t feel attractive, I do my hair and makeup and get all dolled up.  I don’t do it in hopes people will think I’m pretty, or compliment my makeup.  I do it because it helps ME feel good about myself.  Everything you do in your life should be done with yourself in mind 🙂

3. Make Yourself a Killer Playlist

I LOVE music.  It always seems to speak to me in some kind of way.  Therefore, whenever I’m sad I listen to music that makes me happy!  I have a Spotify playlist specifically made for sad days that are filled with 90’s/early 2000’s hits and pop music. It’s so easy to listen to sad music when you’re upset.  In fact, it’s rather comforting.  However, try and make yourself listen to happier songs and have a one person dance party.

4. Write it Out 

For some people, it’s better to see in writing what they’re feeling.  It’s a very reflective task to write about your emotions.  You can do this in the form of a song, a poem, a journal entry, or even a blog entry 😉 Words are so powerful and sometimes just forming into words what you’re feeling can really help.

5. Talk to a Friend

I have been blessed with having a best friend who will always listen to what I’m feeling even if it’s the thousandth time I’ve told her something.  Just like writing, talking to someone is reflective.  You can also get the opinions of someone who cares about you.  The two of you can bounce off ideas on what will best help you.  Also, don’t be shy to tell your significant other that you’re having a bad day.  They love you, and they’re going to want to help you.  Keep in mind that they might not understand what you’re feeling 100%.  However, do not let this get you upset. Instead, tell them what you would want them do, and I’m sure they’ll do it. My boyfriend always tries to help me in whatever way he can when I’m having a gloomy day.  You know what you need, so don’t feel shy to emphasize that to them!  Also, talk to your significant other about why you’re sad.  That openness and honesty in a relationship is awesome to have.

6. Read a Book

Whenever, I can’t shake what I’m feeling, I sit down on the couch and read a book.  For a few hours, my mind can travel and I become someone else.  I become a character in the novel as my mind turns itself off.  Find a genre you like and allow your mind to travel away.


If reading really isn’t your thing, but you like words, FIND QUOTES!  I think finding a quote about what you’re feeling really can be a sense of comfort that you’re not alone.  There are thousands of quotes that you can find on Google 🙂 Whenever, I’m upset my go to quote is: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

I hope some of you guys found these tips helpful! Please don’t hesitate to comment what you do to help you get through a crummy day or anything else you’re feeling!



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